Allow small pets on buses - but only during off-peak hours

I support the call for small pets - such as birds, rabbits, cats and small dogs restrained in cages or bags - to be allowed on buses ("Allow pet owners to take small animals on buses" by Mr Ng Aik Sing; Dec 16, and "Ensure pets are caged, muzzled" by Mr Gan Kok Tiong; Dec 19).

However, due to the crowds during peak hours, the animals should be allowed only during off-peak hours.

These small pets should also be allowed on MRT trains during off-peak hours. The pets could be restricted to the last train carriage so members of the public who are uncomfortable travelling next to the animals can avoid them.

An added bonus would be that with easier accessibility to more places around the island, pet owners may not find the need to own a car.

Ernest Seah Kee Hock

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