Advantages of a mixed bus fleet

We thank Mr Loong Chik Tong for his feedback ("Deploy more double-decker buses during rush hour"; Dec 2).

SMRT Buses operates a mixed fleet of single-deck, double-deck and articulated buses (bendy buses) that cater to differing passenger needs and road conditions.

The bendy buses, which do not have steps to an upper deck, is elderly friendly and welcomed by families with infants or young children, where steps may pose inconvenience and safety concerns.

We continue to deploy bendy buses to cater to these groups of passengers.

Both the double-decker and bendy buses, with almost twice the passenger capacity of the single-deck buses, are deployed to serve routes that have high passenger demand.

However, double-deckers and bendy buses cannot always be deployed interchangeably as some bus services operate through routes that have height restrictions, making bendy buses more appropriate for these routes.

Bendy buses also have shorter dwell time at bus stops as their three doors facilitate faster boarding and alighting.

SMRT Buses closely monitors all its services, paying attention to headways, frequency and passenger demand, and deploys buses accordingly. It is committed to providing safe, reliable and comfortable journeys for all passengers.

Tan Kian Heong

Managing Director

SMRT Buses and Roads Services

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