Forum: Voting by mail is possible for S'pore

Given the risks posed, especially to seniors, by holding a general election, which some predict will be held quite soon (Holding GE sooner will help S'pore tackle crisis: DPM Heng, May 28), I suggest the use of mail-in paper ballots.

Singapore is geographically small enough to make sending a paper ballot by mail to every qualified voter quite easy - this is already done with the poll cards we receive.

The Elections Department, together with our very efficient postal service, is quite capable of sending ballots out after Nomination Day with a return address. Of course, a cut-off date would be stipulated by which the ballots would need to be returned.

This is already done in a number of countries. If this arrangement is considered to be too difficult or expensive, perhaps the Government could consider this move only for senior citizens, who are most at risk.

Robert James Craiu