Forum: Remind people of need for continued vigilance against Covid-19 virus

The continued increase in Covid-19 cases around the world is reason enough for us to stay vigilant and not let our guard down.

The authorities in Singapore are doing their best to keep us safe, but the responsibility does not fall on them alone. Everyone has a part to play. The least we can do is to follow the rules and instructions that have been set.

On public buses and MRT trains, passengers are in close proximity to one another in a confined space.

The authorities have been reminding passengers to avoid talking to one another or on their cellphones, as doing so could increase the potential spread of the coronavirus through droplets in the breath.

But in spite of that, many commuters do not take the advice seriously. Perhaps, more reminders should be put up in buses and trains. There should also be more frequent reminder announcements in trains.

Safe distancing ambassadors could also be deployed on board buses and trains to ensure that commuters follow the rules.

Meanwhile, schools and institutes of higher learning should remind students of safe measures regularly.

I often see large groups of students gathering in public areas. They may not fully understand the severity of the virus or may be refusing to follow the rules. Either way, this issue needs to be addressed.

More creative ways are needed to ensure that the minority who refuse to follow rules understand the risk they pose to their loved ones.

The virus situation in Singapore is under control but this could lead to a false sense of security among some.

Constant and regular reminders might be what is needed.

Lim Tong Wah