Forum: Reconsider revised capacity limits for funerals

I am gratified that restrictions on key life events are being eased (More people allowed at marriage solemnisations, wakes from Aug 4 as MOH eases Covid-19 limits, ST Online, July 31).

However, it is peculiar that different standards are imposed for different events. Newlyweds will be allowed to conduct marriage solemnisations with up to 50 guests, and also hold a similarly sized reception with food and drinks.

On the other hand, bereaved families will be permitted to hold funerals with a maximum attendance of only 30.

This is despite how both types of events are commonly held at venues of similar size, and in the case of Housing Board flat void decks, even at the same venue.

I ask the multi-ministry task force to reconsider the capacity limits for funerals, especially since these sombre events cannot be postponed or rescheduled.

On the other hand, newlyweds should continue to be encouraged to reschedule celebratory receptions until after this pandemic has passed.

Tan Hao Yang