Forum: Put a stop to gender prejudice

I believe that there is not enough awareness about gender discrimination in Singapore.

Many people are unaware about the issue as sexism is too well-ingrained in our lives for us to notice it. Take, for instance, the use of sexist language, through which people link femininity with weakness. Such remarks are ignored due to the prevalence of such comments in our lives.

There is also a lack of education in Singapore on this matter.

Personally, my teachers and parents do not speak about gender discrimination much, and I feel that this topic should be given more attention.

It may seem harmless, but in reality, some women lose confidence in themselves because of sexist views.

Stereotyping women can pigeonhole them, which is why we should embrace women from all walks of life, instead of forcing them to comply with certain restrictions.

Understanding feminism is crucial for more equality in households, workplaces, schools, and more.

More importantly, everyone, including men, has a part to play in eliminating gender prejudice.

Nieve Toh Jia Yi , 13,

Year 1 IP programme student

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