Forum: Govt has set good example for landlords to follow

Ms Chang Lee Lee (Not all landlords can afford to waive rental, May 30) and Mr Cheong Wing Kiat (Fall in revenues not reason enough for rental waivers, May 30) expressed their concerns about the new Bill that will be introduced in Parliament this week to level the playing field between landlords and tenants.

All businesses, large or small, have been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact will last for quite some time.

The $33 billion Fortitude Budget is aimed primarily at helping businesses and workers during this challenging time (4th Budget sets aside $33b more to help workers, businesses, May 27).

The new Bill is meant to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) tide over this challenging period. The Government is setting a good example by offsetting about two months of rental for eligible SME tenants of commercial properties, and about one month for tenants of industrial and office properties (New Bill could level playing field between landlords and tenants, May 28).

While I acknowledge that it calls on landlords to make a sacrifice, they should perhaps feel proud to be given the opportunity to render help to tenants facing this unprecedented crisis, even without being compelled by legislation.

Doing so would not only get returns such as a good landlord-tenant relationship and securing lease renewals, but also expresses one's spirit of solidarity by helping the country sail through this difficult period with less pain.

Ng Choon Lai