Forum: Building dementia village: Focus on affordability

I believe we can provide a safe and affordable place where elderly people with dementia can live their remaining years in a dignified way.

But how can the proposed dementia village provide affordable care if there is already a "reserve price" for the site (Offer price too low, bid for dementia village rejected, May 20)?

The successful bidder would pass down the cost to the end users eventually. Decision-makers need to think holistically about the primary objective, a workable model and an operating regime.

The prospective operator must share the same views so that it can operate a dementia village that truly serves the purpose and a good cause.

It is meaningless to have a First World environment when most of the dementia patients and their family members cannot afford it.

Our society is ageing fast, and dementia is a medical condition that can cause a lot of anxiety to family members.

Please do not measure every objective in dollars and cents and let other worthy purposes be overlooked.

Tam Ah Hock