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Bag lost and found in half an hour

On Feb 12, I got into an MRT train at Holland Village to go to Caldecott station but discovered that I was heading in the wrong direction. In my rush to switch trains, I left my tote bag containing my identity card, bank cards and cellphone behind.

A friendly assistant station manager, Mr Mohamed Anis, calmed me down and helped to locate my bag, and said I could collect it at Kent Ridge station.

At Kent Ridge station, senior station manager Peter Wee handed me my bag, which he said had been handed over to the information counter by a man.

My tote bag did not have a zipper and was open. It had passed through three pairs of hands but the contents were intact. I got my bag back in half an hour. I thank everyone who made it happen.

Koh Pheck Lian

Here's to all polyclinic staff

I would like to add a big shout-out to all staff in our polyclinics for their tireless work during this deeply uncertain time. These staff assess countless patients a day, continually focused on trying to catch the next case of coronavirus infection.

A relative of mine works in a polyclinic and says the personal protective equipment is like a zipper storage bag, yet her team has volunteered to go another week in it. They have such a strong sense of responsibility. There must be so many other teams out there just like hers.

So here's a big thank you to all our polyclinics.

Ooi Yu-lin

Let's not forget the cleaners

Amid the coronavirus crisis, we must not forget a very important group of workers - the cleaners.

They have to work extra hard to wipe down handrails, tables, chairs and toilets.

Soap dispensers have to be replenished and hand sanitisers have to be displayed prominently.

Where I work, the cleaners put on a brave front, even as they confide their fears of catching this mysterious bug from unlikely sources.

I hope we can all stop to offer a word of encouragement to them.

Atika Abdullah Foo