Bouquets: On colouring contest and MFA

Thank you ST for 2nd colouring contest

I applaud The Straits Times for organising another round of its In This Together Daily Colouring Challenge and also the sponsor, life insurance company Prudential.

This second round will have more winners - 10 for each page, so 70 winners all in.

It gives readers a better chance to showcase their strengths on each subject. The team of judges clearly saw how much effort the contestants had put in during the first contest.

Thank you for bringing cheer to so many.

Tan Yong Wah

Bring the contest to nursing homes

I extend my heartfelt thanks to The Straits Times, and the sponsor Prudential, for this second seven-day colouring contest.

Participating in this challenge kept many, especially retired senior citizens, engaged and, of course, there is a chance of winning a prize.

Colouring is a therapeutic art as creative colouring can foster one's mental well-being. It also helps to boost one's self-esteem and develop one's flair for art. After colouring, seniors may also become a bit more tech-savvy by learning how to submit their entry by scanning the QR code on the page with their phone.

I look forward to more such contests, perhaps during the December holidays.

The Straits Times should help to make this colouring contest available at all nursing homes.

Rachel Tan Wee Cho

Wonderful work by MFA

I want to thank a group of Singaporeans who recently worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help my husband and me, during this Covid-19 crisis.

They are the staff and officers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) working in Wellington, New Zealand.

As soon as New Zealand announced its lockdown, my husband and I, who were in Auckland, contacted the MFA.

We ended up spending 2.5 months in Auckland but throughout this period, the MFA staff kept in touch with us, checking in on us and assuring us that all would be well.

The moment the officers received news that we could fly out of New Zealand, they contacted us and made all the necessary arrangements. It was no mean feat.

They had to work with the New Zealand government, Singapore Airlines and also the Australian authorities because of the transit flight.

There were delays along the way because of extra precautions that had to be taken, such as when checking in for flights, but throughout the journey we were assured via calls and text messages that all would be okay and that we need not fear missing the Singapore Airlines flight.

The MFA staff's efficient, professional and personal care for us went beyond my expectations.

Clara Lee Lai