A resident admires fish kept at the nursing home's clubhouse, which is opened every Saturday morning to provide residents with activities. The idea of having pet fish at various corners of the home came from Mr Ng, who reared them when he was isolati
Mr Alan Ng does rehabilitation exercises with Mr Edwin Alexander Rom, 34, an autistic resident of St Andrew’s Nursing Home (SANH) who was among the first he succeeded in helping. When Mr Rom was admitted to SANH (Buangkok) in January 2014, he was unable to walk, sit, stand or communicate. Before his admission, he had a fall and fractured his knee. In March 2014, Mr Ng joined the staff of the home and began working with Mr Rom to help him stand and sit. After six months, he had weaned him off the wheelchair to walk again. Mr Rom also stopped screaming and started interacting with people around him. When he could finally stand up and walk after a year, he got his first pair of sports shoes, a new pair that Mr Ng bought with his own money. “Firm, fair, and dare” is Mr Ng’s motto in helping residents in their recovery process.