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Celebrating Fatherhood
Wishing you the best of health and happiness! Happy Papa's Day!
My father would have been 78 this year if he did not die of lung cancer three years ago.
My gong gong is the best granddad in the world.
Where I'll always feel safe and secure.
We were never the most obedient nor most disciplined children.
My papa loves me. I love him too.
My father comes home once a month. This has been the arrangement for the past 23 years.
This coming December, my dad will be 75 years old.
My dad passed away earlier this year on March 10. I thought it would be nice to share something he wrote in 2008 to his dad, my late grandfather.
I love my dad for everything, especially his optimism.
In honour of Father's Day, we have rounded up a list of celebrity dads with their adorable little tots or grown-up children.
My father is my hero because when his dad passed away when he was 13, my dad, being the oldest child, started working to take care of his family.
Your teachings live through me, Appa!
Being a traditional Chinese man, our dad did not vocalise his love to us. Instead, he showed us through actions.
Thank you for taking care of us and loving us wholeheartedly.
Papa, it has been eight years since you last spoke to me.
I think my brother and I have never been more blessed.
My dad takes good care of my family.
Fatherhood is both a challenge and an opportunity.
My father is the Man of Stealth for the family.
You carry us each and every step of the way.
You're always strong physically and mentally, dad.
The Straits Times sub-editor Chong Zi Liang talks about his relationship with his father.
My parents have always walked together every step of the way.
My daddy is the best guy in the world.
This Father's Day, I wish my dad and all fathers in the world the best of health, prosperity and a harmonious family.
Never did we expect 2012 to be the last Father's Day for husband and father-in-law.
You are the superhero in my heart.
I believe that all things happen for a reason. I was born for you and mum to experience parenthood.
My father is blind. However, that does not stop him from running and doing all the sports he loves.
My taxi driver dad does the night shift: He starts at 7pm, comes home at about 8am and sleeps. And the cycle repeats.
My father brought up children while my grandfather brought up 10.
Some day, our children will grow up and show us the way.
We're so blessed to be under your wing, and to be protected, cared for and learning important life lessons from you.
This is the first year that I do not have a dad to think of on Father's Day.
One look from my dad and children were terrified. The kids would hide behind their mothers when he spoke. My dad or 'the tiger' was infamous among my younger cousins, nephews and nieces.
After work every day, Jun welcomes me home with her lovely smile. This is one of the joys of becoming a dad.
I love fatherhood as it makes me a better father each day, as I devote time to my kids' journey of growing up.
I'd like to share my dad's fighting spirit and his willingness to learn and upgrade his qualifications while juggling work, school and family.
In celebration of Fathers' Day, here are the top ten dads to have ever appeared on TV.
You never want to cross these dads, for when they hit back, they hit hard.
Renee's first hand-made gift to her daddy is a trophy.
To the man I love most. And to the man who loves me most: Papa, you are my hero. Thank you for everything you have done.
After my eldest sister was born, my dad had the chance to pursue full-time studies overseas. Because of the family, he gave up his dream and studied for his degree in Singapore instead.
My dad has worked tirelessly 7 days a week for the past 30 years just to provide food, shelter and education for the family.
Fathers who are kind, loving, caring, tolerant and patient, and who spend maximum time with their families and strive to be role models are the greatest asset to a home.
Life has been hard on you - you ensured we had food, shelter and education. From sweeping roads to working at the Town Council, you persevered with great endurance for so many years to raise the five of us.
Our daddy, Eng Tat, is the best daddy in the world.
There are many loans and bills to settle, but my dad never fails to make us happy.
Yonatan Tjakrakusuma is thankful to his father (seen here with his wife) for all the guidance he has received in his life.
Since young, your love has always been so dear. Thank you, daddy, for your care and everything you have done for me.
It's ok to look silly in front of your kids, says Ms Sherine Lim, who captures a shared moment between her husband and son.
Maslinda's dad and niece enjoying time over a meal.
My father is someone who is subtle, understanding and is always there for me when I fall.
It is easy to think of Father's Day as just another day. A day for buying a card, eating out and a few extra greetings or hugs.
This is an old picture of me being carried by my dad, Abdul Rahman. I was probably about three years old then. He was a very patient and loving father who never raised a finger at me.
We call him Ayah - meaning "father" in Malay.
My dad is someone who many look up to as a role model, someone who loves the family and always helps others in need.
I'm proud to tell you that I'm fortunate and blessed to have you as my dad.
Her poems have been published in QLRS and the anthology From Boys To Men. Her first collection of poetry, The Stamp Collector's Wife (firstfruits publications), was published in 2010.
Here's what some Dads in The Straits Times newsroom told us. Share with us your wishlist too.
Photographers from The Straits Times share photos of their fathers as we commemorate Father's Day this weekend.
They said it on Facebook - 2012 being a year of accomplishments, of people not wanting it to end any other way.
Poor fathers. When it comes to tributes to parents, Dads often don't get the best deal.
Chief financial officer Ho Soo Woon usually tries to leave work by 6.30pm so that he can have dinner with his family.
Married fathers will be entitled to a week's paternity leave from tomorrow, in a move that aims to encourage them to play a bigger role in raising their child.
Every night, like clockwork, my sixteen-month-old son wakes up at 1am sharp for a milk feed.
A new centre at a Bishan Street 13 void deck now offers physiotherapy, art therapy and other services for people with Parkinson's disease. After Alzheimer's disease, this is the second most common neuro-degenerative disease here.
An inmate writes of his realisation of the distance between his son and himself: "Separated by steel walls and high concrete walls, I am left as a mere spectator to his growth and infant years."
Dear fellow daddies, happy belated Father’s Day and a happy Euro 2012.
Paraplegic Kelvin Aik does not want his handicap to stop him from doing “guy things” with son Jovan.
I was catching up with four old school chums for dinner the other day when it struck me that fatherhood came rather late for us.
Fatherhood is bad for my mental health. Already obsessive-compulsive and a bit of a worrywart to begin with, I wonder how I’ve been able to function at all, working at a newspaper and receiving all kinds of news that tell me the numerous ways my two young daughters could suffer or come to harm.
WHEN Mr Victor Chan, 39, turns up to catch his children’s performances or competitions in school, he is often among only a handful of dads there.

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