Friday, Mar 27, 2015Friday, Mar 27, 2015
The Chi is about as slim as the Apple MacBook Air (16.5mm versus the Air's 17mm). However, its slimness is actually quite remarkable, given it is a convertible laptop.
A glance is all it takes to peg the ROG G20AJ as something for gamers.
Hardly anyone knew much about Aorus till it made a splash at last year's CES trade show with the X7 gaming laptop.
Some people call portable hard disk drives "pocket-sized" but stuffing these USB storage drives into your shirt pocket can be a huge challenge. The slimmest hard drive may fit without ripping your pocket, but it is no more pocket-sized than a fat deck of playing cards.
I am not entirely convinced by hybrid computers, especially in a work environment. I just do not see them being that much more useful than a clamshell laptop.
You have got to admire the sheer audacity of the folks at MSI who came up with the GT80.
HP's Stream 13 is probably one of the cheapest Windows laptops you can buy now.
The original Razer DeathAdder, with its asymmetrical ergonomic shape and speedy response, is probably one of PC gamers' best-loved gaming mice.
This is Alienware's most compact gaming laptop since the short-lived 11-inch model it released in 2011.
Slowly but surely, we are reaching a point where mobile graphics chips are good enough to play all but bleeding-edge games. As these chips become more capable and power-efficient, PC vendors can design slimmer gaming laptops.
Logitech's engineers must have one day decided they really needed a single keyboard they could use with any device, no matter what platform. Perhaps that was how the Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 was born.
When you start Photos, the first thing that strikes you is its flatter and cleaner interface. It appears closer in looks to the OS X Yosemite.
Battery life is above average at about 670 shots.
However, the AF speed slowed to about 2sec when composing shots using the LCD screen in the Live View mode.
The Fujifilm X30 is the successor to the much-loved X20 prosumer compact camera. While the X30 retains the retro rangefinder-like design, it has several upgrades.
The Lumix DMC-GM1 was Panasonic's first shot at making a mirrorless camera smaller than most prosumer compact cameras. The DMC-GM5 is Panasonic's second attempt at this.
When I reviewed the Fitbit Charge earlier this year, I found it to be a no-frills fitness tracker which monitors your physical activities and sleep patterns quite accurately.
With fitness trackers becoming almost commonplace, it was only a matter of time before brands started stripping down their offerings - and their prices - to make their gadgets more affordable.
My first pair of Asics running shoes started to "talk" after less than a year, when the outsole peeled off.
When Puma released the original Mobium Elite, it was called the first "adaptive" running shoe in the industry.
Fitbit fans, the wait is over. The Fitbit Charge is finally here.