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Martian Notifier: Nice smart watch at a reasonable price

Published on Jul 24, 2014 4:19 PM
Martian Notifier

If smartwatches usually turn you off, the Martian Notifier might change your mind.

With its circular watch face and analogue movement, the Martian Notifier looks quite conventional. It has a crown - for setting the time - on its right and two buttons on its left. A plastic cover above the crown hides a micro-USB charging port.

When you receive a message, the Notifier will start to vibrate. It will display messages on the small (96 x 16 pixels) Oled screen in the lower half of the watch face.

A small LED light just above the eight o'clock position glows red when charging, green when charged, and blue during pairing.

Charging is only for the "smart" capability of the watch. The analogue movement is powered by a coin battery that should last two years.

The watch is available in red, white or black. It is encased in black plastic with a stainless steel bezel. The review model is completely black. More subtle and practical than the others in the market, it looks less toy-like.

The smooth silicone band is light, comfortable to wear and can easily be changed as the Notifier uses a standard 22mm-width watch band.

To pair the Notifier with your smartphone, download the Martian Notifier app (Android and iOS) to your phone. Turn on the smart watch by holding down the lower button on the left until the Oled screen comes on.

Pairing procedures for iOS and Android are different. Just follow the instructions for each in the manual.

The Martian Notifier can display any notification that your iPhone can receive if it is operating on iOS 7.

Android users can receive notifications from installed apps with push notifications.

Each notification comes with a blue LED light, a vibration and a line of message. The Notifier app lets you toggle on/off notifications for other apps as well as the vibration intensity.

It also lets you set world clock, current weather and enable a Leash mode that vibrates when the Notifier and smartphone are more than 10m apart.

The lower button on the left side lets you toggle through options such as "do not disturb", "find phone", and "camera remote". Use the button above it to activate or deactivate the options.

The rechargeable battery lasted around three days with the watch constantly connected to my iPhone during waking hours. It was supposed to last four to five days.

You must use the charging cable included. Its micro-USB tip is longer than usual because the port is sited deep inside the watch compartment. This is a cable you can ill afford to lose.

Securing the plastic cover of the micro-USB port compartment is a must or the Notifier can get damaged while you wash your hands.

  • The Martian Notifier is a regular watch suitable for any occasion. It has a neat display that shows notifications. All these at a reasonable price too.

This article was first published in The Straits Times Digital Life on July 23, 2014.

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Price: $199

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

Weight: 52g


Features 3/5

Design 4/5

Performance 4/5

Value for money 4/5

Overall 4/5