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Ractiv wants to replace your mouse

Published on Aug 5, 2014 9:00 PM

Enable multi-touch on any surface with the Ractiv Touch+. This 3-D motion sensor lets you control your computer on any surface, such as your laptop keyboard, with hand gestures.

Simply clip this small accessory to the top of a laptop screen and its twin cameras will start tracking the 3-D position of your fingers. Instead of shuffling between the keyboard and the trackpad, you can perform mouse gestures with your hands hovering above the keyboard. The software is clever enough to differentiate between typing and hand gestures.

Unlike a conventional touchscreen, you do not need to raise your hand to touch the screen. There is also no need to wave your hands in front of the camera like competing 3-D motion sensors. This is because the cameras on the Touch+ point down at your hands and not at your face. Hence, the Touch+ is more ergonomic for users.

Ractiv was founded last year by Singaporean Darren Lim with his Chengdu International schoolmate Lai Xue. A successful Kickstarter campaign provided the funding to make the device, which was then called Haptix. Renamed Touch+, the device has been significantly redesigned and looks smaller than before. It works on Windows and OS X and connects to computers via USB.

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