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SingTel launches 1Gbps fibre service at $69.90 per month

Published on Aug 27, 2014 6:32 PM
Recognising the demand for an unfettered fibre broadband service, SingTel is launching a new 1Gbps Unlimited Fibre Plan priced at $69.90. -- PHOTO: ST FILE 

Recognising the demand for an unfettered fibre broadband service, SingTel is launching a new 1Gbps Unlimited Fibre Plan priced at $69.90.

The draw, aside from the promise of a high-speed, high capacity fibre service, is that the telco will not restrict the type of router that a subscriber wants to use with the new 1Gbps plan. SingTel also promises that the new service will not have peer-to-peer downloading services throttled and restricted.

Currently, the telco says it throttles Bit Torrent downloads during weeekday peak hour windows, from 7pm to slightly after midnight. It also provides network compatible routers that limit some features found in consumer router units, such as the ability to tweak DNS settings. Other broadband plans however will still have Bit Torrent throttled during peak hours.

"Via consumer feedback, we are seeing a demand for unrestricted speed from a specific segment of the market, and we want them to come in," explained Mr Johan Buse, SingTel’s Vice President of Consumer Marketing.  

These digital evangelists will be of the younger demographic and have some networking knowledge to create their home network, which is why SingTel is handing off the reins by offering these subscribers the use of their router of choice.

For those who want a high-speed router with a two year subscription of SingTel 1Gbps plan, the telco is offering the new Asus RT-AC87U wireless router as a bundle, for an additional $299. The router will make its debut at Comex 2014 for $399.

Because subscribers will be using their own routers, this new service will not be able to support current mioTV IPTV services, which requires the use of a pre-configured router offered by the telco. Interested parties can subscribe to a standalone mioTV service, which requires the use of a SingTel provided router.

Subscribers to this new plan will also be given a discount voucher that gives them 25 per cent off a subscription from VyprVPN. A VPN service allows local subscribers to access and sign-up for unlimted video streaming services available in other countries, such as Netflix or Hulu in the United States.

Said Mr Buse, "This group of subscribers will be more focused on broadband and they care less about television because they have other sources for acquiring content."

SingTel 1Gbps Unlimited Fibre Plan will be offered at $69.90 for a limited time, before the price stays fixed at $99.90. The only other service provider offering a 1Gbps fibre service plan for under $100 is MyRepublic, which has a $49.99-a-month plan for regular users, and a $59.99-a-month plan for gamers.