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Maintenance technicians working in the field can now easily view, save and share measured data with the new Fluke ConnectTM system.

Published on Jul 21, 2014 6:00 AM
The new Fluke Connect™ system gives technicians and the maintenance supervisors the ability to instantly view, store and share the measurement data via the Internet. -- PHOTO: FLUKE CONNECT

Whether it comes to measuring signals from a plant under maintenance or train tracks checked for wear and tear, technicians in the field regularly face one problem - the data is stuck in one place.

Too often, their sophisticated test equipment does not allow them to share that data easily until they connect it to a terminal back in the office. At the same time, historical data that could enable them to compare readings is stuck in a data centre they cannot access on the spot.

This means they do not have the real-time business intelligence that enables them to make critical decisions quickly and complete their tasks more safely. Team members are often not aware of others' situations.

Enter the new Fluke Connect™ system, which gives technicians and the maintenance supervisors the ability to instantly view, store and share the measurement data via the Internet. The cloud-based system taps on a common gadget - a smartphone - to empower team members working in the field.

With the Fluke Connect™ system in place, all that a technician has to do is install an app on his Apple of Google smartphone to get started. More than 20 Fluke measurement tools can now wirelessly connect with the app to let him transmit the data from the field to a secure cloud-based storage.

Once online, the data can be accessed by team members who are authorised to view the data. This means teams can collaborate more closely on projects and make real-time decisions on the field. For many technicians, this also no more writing down on paper some of the measurements and passing the notes around!

More than 20 measurement tools from Fluke can now connect to a smartphone. The wide range of devices include digital multimeters, infra-red cameras, insulation testers, process meters and specific voltage, current and temperature models.

After they are recorded, measurements and infrared images can be automatically uploaded to Fluke's secure cloud-based storage facility, Fluke Cloud™ storage, as well. This automation feature, Fluke AutoRecord™, means no more worrying about missing out on any readings.

Just as important as data collection is the ability to interpret and harness it for quick, decisive action. This is where Fluke test tools come into play, empowering users like never before.

Through the Fluke EquipmentLog™ history, smartphone app, users can access a historical log of measurement data. They can also choose to view the data in a graph, to instantly identify trends and make critical decisions while out in the field with Fluke TrendIt™ graphs.

If an approval is required or if queries have to be answered, a video call feature, Fluke ShareLive™ video call, on the app also enables technicians and supervisors to get in touch face to face, though virtually. This once again boosts collaboration and reduces waiting time.

Most importantly, the data stored on Fluke Cloud™ storage facilities is secure from unauthorised persons, while providing unparalleled flexibility for users. It is protected by state-of-the-art security systems, including electronic surveillance, multi-factor access control systems, built-in firewalls and encrypted data storage.

What the Fluke Connect™ system has brought is not just productivity gains, but a major shift in how maintenance teams work. With better and easier connectivity, field specialists and technicians can look forward to improving communication, safety and productivity in the years ahead.

See it, save it, share it

No longer should technicians in the field be stuck without critical, on-the-spot data that could help them make quick decisions. The New Fluke Connect™ system connect tools makes use of the internet and smartphone apps to get teams working more closely together. Find out more about Fluke Connect at and try out the free Fluke Connect app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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