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How does $6m prize for winning video game tournament compare with other sporting events?

Published on Jul 23, 2014 6:30 PM

Despite what your parents may have told you, playing video games all day does pay - at least it did for the members of Chinese team NewBee.

The five-man team came up tops at The International 2014, an annual Dota 2 tournament held in Seattle in the United States from July 18 to 21. The game is the sequel to Warcraft III mod Defense Of The Ancients.

For their efforts, Chen Zhihao, Zhang Pan, Zhang Ning, Wang Jiao and Wang Zhaohui took home a whopping US$5.03 million (S$6.2 million) of the overall US$10.9 million prize pool, which tournament organiser and Dota 2 developer Valve claims is the largest ever for a competitive gaming tournament.

We take a look at how their prize compares to those of winning better-known sporting competitions in the infographic below: