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Got a question? Here’s help

Published on May 30, 2014 5:00 AM

I cannot stay up to watch all the matches. Can I record the games and watch them later on?

Yes, but you will need set-top boxes that have a recording feature from your content provider.

For SingTel subscribers, it will be the mioTV DVR set-top boxes. With World Cup matches transmitting at 1,080i resolution, the internal 500GB hard drive can record approximately 150 hours of high-definition content.

StarHub subscribers can choose either the HubStation HD set-top box, or the HD Interactive set-top box with the Smart TV value-added service.

With 1,080i content, the HubStation HD can record up to 70 hours of high-definition programmes.

Subscribers with the HD Interactive set-top box can buy the Digital Video Storage Device (Western Digital My Passport AV 320GB) from StarHub shops for $88 and subscribe to the Smart TV value-added service at a monthly fee of $4.28 to activate the recording features on the HD Interactive set-top box.

The Western Digital My Passport AV (320GB) can record up to 30 hours of high-definition content.

If I record the matches on StarHub’s HD Interactive set-top box using the Western Digital My Passport AV external hard drive, can I take the hard drive to a friend’s place and use his StarHub set-top box to watch the game together?

No. The shows recorded on each Western Digital My Passport AV can be viewed only from the set-top box that generated the recording.

The recorded files cannot be accessed with a computer’s media player software either.

I do not want to spend more just to record the matches. My flatscreen TV has its own hard drive. Can I use it to record matches, or use the sports or soccer features that allow me to rewind and pause matches?

Recording features on select TV sets tend to work only with free-to-air broadcasts of matches and, so far, only four matches are planned to be broadcast this way.

The protected feed from SingTel’s mioTV and StarHub sent from the set-top box to your TV means that recording features on your set will likely not be able to record the matches, or allow pause, rewind and playback from its internal storage spacsuree.

If match broadcasts here are only up to 1,080i resolution, not 3-D or 4K, does it mean I can skip buying a UHD or 3-D TV?

Buying a new TV is a long-term investment and 4K/UHD resolution is something content owners will be producing in the future.

You can buy a new full-HD TV now and upgrade to a UHD TV later on, or invest in a UHD TV this year. UHD TVs are able to upconvert standard definition and full-HD content into near UHD resolution. The quality will not be as sharp, but since full-HD resolution can lose its sharpness and details on 55-inch or larger screens, staying with full-HD on a 60-inch TV does not make sense.

For World Cup matches, UHD TVs will be able to upconvert the 1,080i content stream into a higher resolution one, though this usually requires a HDMI connection from the set-top box to the TV.

As for stereoscopic TV, most vendors include 3-D as a feature by default and some TVs do offer 2-D to 3-D conversion of content, for fans who want the stereoscopic effect.

This article was first published in The Straits Times Digital Life on May 28, 2014.