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LG Hom-Bot Square: The able robotic vacuum cleaner

Published on Apr 28, 2014 2:40 AM
LG Hom-Bot Square

You have had a long day at work. The moment you reach home, all you want to do is to crash on the sofa or play the game you bought two weeks ago. The last thing you want to do is to sweep the floor.

Enter the LG Hom-Bot Square.

Unlike most robotic vacuum cleaners which tend to be round, the 8.9cm-tall Hom-Bot has a more squarish design. This actually makes more sense, as it can reach the corners of a room more effectively. It has two brushes in front to suck up dust from the corners more effectively.

The edges of the Hom-Bot are still curved, so there is no danger of it scratching the walls or furniture. Its Dual Eye 2.0 feature uses two cameras to scan the floor and ceiling to provide it with spatial information, so that it knows when to stop and when to turn when it nears the edge of a room.

According to LG, the gadget can remember room layouts and where the furniture is positioned, so that it can minimise bumps. A Smart Turbo mode even automatically detects the type of flooring and changes settings accordingly.

Onboard ultrasonic and infrared sensors are supposed to help it sense obstacles and avoid them.

In the looks department, the Hom-Bot beats its competitors with its shiny red casing. It has touch-sensitive buttons on top.

I particularly like the fact that the dust tray is hidden under the pop-up hood on top. This makes it much more convenient to dump the dust.

Setting up is easy. Plug the docking station into a power socket and dock the Hom-Bot. A full charge takes two to three hours.

The docking station has a slot for the remote control. This lets you change the Hom-Bot's direction, so you need not pick it up to move it to the areas you want cleaned.

Four automatic cleaning modes - Cell by Cell, Spiral, ZigZag and My Space - can be set, but only for one area at a time. My Space mode lets you set a defined area for cleaning, such as your study room. But you can set it for only one area at a time.

The Cell by Cell mode, which enables the device to ZigZag in one cell before moving to another cell, is the most effective. Turbo mode speeds up the brushes' rotation to enhance cleaning. In this mode, it can pick up heavier bits of dirt and more dust.

But the device's most impressive feature is how quietly it operates. You can be watching TV and not even notice it at work.

While the device is intelligent enough to avoid big obstacles, it cannot sense smaller obstacles such as indoor cables. It once got entangled with a telephone wire.

Its battery life is about 70min, considerably less than the 100min that LG claims.

  • At $1,299, LG's Hom-Bot may seem expensive, but it works as advertised.


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