Starbucks raising some US cafe drink prices

NEW YORK (REUTERS) - Starbucks Corp will increase the price of some of its beverages in United States (US) company-operated cafes by as much as 10 cents, the first price change in up to two years, a spokesman said on Friday.

The price hike will be effective June 25, Starbucks spokesman Lisa Passe said.

"Less than a third of beverages will be affected by the price increases," MSPasse said. "In most stores, the price of a Grande or Venti brewed coffee, as well as Frappuccino and Refreshers, will remain the same."

Nationally, the average beverage purchase price increase will be about 1 per cent, she said.

The most a tall brewed coffee will increase by is 10 cents, while some markets will not see any increase in brewed coffee, she said.

Green arabica coffee prices dropped to a four-year low on the ICE Futures US market at $1.1710 per lb on Thursday.

Coffee commodity costs make up less than 10 per cent of Starbucks' overall store operating and occupancy expenses, Ms Passe said.