Market highlights

1 China Sports International has changed its financial year-end from Dec 31 to June 30 to avoid having to complete its annual audit during the audit peak period in December. Its current financial year will cover 18 months ending June 30, 2017.

2 Two of Secura Group's units, Soverus and Soverus Consultancy & Services, have attained the "A" grade under the annual Security Agencies Grading Exercise by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department.

3 Lereno Bio-Chem said yesterday that, since its rights issue in May 2010, the company had repaid all its banking facilities. Creditors' support for the company has remained unchanged since its update last month, it added.

4 Nobel Design has acquired an additional 5.05 per cent stake in Buylateral Group for $239,404, raising its holding in Buylateral to 78.2 per cent. The purchase was funded with internal resources.

5 Global Palm Resources bought back 80,000 shares yesterday at 32 cents each, for a total price of $25,748. The company has bought back more than 2.74 million shares since April 25, and now holds 6.49 million treasury shares.

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