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Washington heartbroken after bus hits beloved snowy owl

Published on Feb 1, 2014 9:03 AM

WASHINGTON (AFP) - A majestic snowy owl that has in recent days captured the hearts of Washington, a city obsessed with its zoo's giant panda cub, was being treated after a bus apparently hit it this week.

The large bird that has gained something of a cult following after perching atop landings and monuments near the White House suffered a broken toe and possible internal injuries, the wildlife clinic tending to it said.

The Arctic creature is in stable condition and being "kept quiet, cool, fed and closely monitored", City Wildlife said on Twitter, noting the bird was being fed and given pain, medication, antibiotics and fluids.

"We have postponed taking radiographs until we receive the results of the blood work in case there is any abnormality that would put the bird at risk during anesthesia." The animal shelter noted that it may not receive lab test results before Monday.

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