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US needs to do more in approach to North Korea talks: Report

Published on Feb 27, 2014 8:43 AM

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) - US foreign policy and North Korea experts said in a report released on Wednesday that the United States should engage more with North Korea as a way to revive talks aimed at ending Pyongyang's nuclear-weapons program.

The joint report from two think tanks, National Security Network and the National Committee on North Korea, said Washington needs to shift from an "all or nothing" approach requiring Pyongyang to meet conditions for the resumption of nuclear talks with major powers that were suspended in 2009.

The current approach, in which US-North Korean contact generally has been limited to a channel via the North Korean mission at the United Nations, effectively gave the initiative to Pyongyang when Washington should be aiming to set the agenda, the report argued.

"The refusal to engage in any preliminary measures will inevitably lead to a de-facto acquiescence to North Korea's nuclear status," it said. "Interim steps can provide immediate value to the United States while also putting more concrete steps towards denuclearization into the real of the possible."

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