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US man faces charges after making hoax claim of Sochi attack

Published on Feb 8, 2014 1:11 AM

PHILADELPHIA (REUTERS) - A US man who tipped off the FBI that his stepson planned an attack at the Sochi Olympics faces criminal charges after admitting he made up the claim in an attempt to recover a safe, US officials said on Friday.

Federal investigators said the man sparked a search in the United States and Russia after he called an FBI tipline to falsely claim he overheard his stepson having a Skype chat in Russian in which he made threatening remarks.

"He's gonna kill somebody or a lot of people," the man, 69-year-old Lawrence Reinhard of suburban Philadelphia told the tipline in a Jan. 15 call, according to court papers filed by FBI agent Michael Bantner.

"Somebody needs to catch him before he does something horrible in Russia ... to the American embassy or the Olympics that are taking place in two weeks," Mr Reinhard said, according to court papers. "That's what concerns me the most, because he's that crazy."

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