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US hospital takes brain-dead pregnant woman off life support

Published on Jan 27, 2014 6:37 AM

WASHINGTON (AFP) - A brain-dead, pregnant woman was disconnected from life support on Sunday, Jan 26, 2014, at a hospital in Texas, ending a legal battle that had kept her on a ventilator against her family's wishes.

After a drawn-out court feud, a US judge on Friday ordered the hospital to comply with the family's request to pull the plug on Marlise Munoz, 33.

"Today, at approximately 11.30am... Marlise Munoz's body was disconnected from 'life support' and released to Mr (Erick) Munoz," her husband, lawyers representing the family said on Sunday in a statement.

The family "will now proceed with the sombre task of laying Marlise Munoz's body to rest, and grieving over the great loss that has been suffered," attorneys Heather King and Jessica Janicek added.

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