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US general went on drunken bender in Russia: officials

Published on Dec 21, 2013 2:16 AM

WASHINGTON (AFP) - A US general recently lost his job in charge of nuclear missiles after he went on a drunken bender in Russia, where he insulted his hosts and cavorted with "suspect" women, officials said Friday.

Air Force Major General Michael Carey was sacked in October as commander of the military's land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, over what officials at the time called "personal misbehavior." Now the details of that misbehavior have been revealed in embarrassing detail by the Air Force inspector general, which released the results of its investigation into Carey's conduct in a July trip to Russia.

The two-star general was drunk through much of his official four-day visit to Russia, and his "inappropriate behavior" prompted a female Pentagon employee to file a complaint, the report said. Carey "acted in a manner that exceeded the limits of accepted standards of good conduct" during the trip that included a nuclear security exercise and meetings with Russian officials, according to the investigation.

The general began drinking during a stop in Zurich and kept drinking over three days in Moscow, showing up late for motorcades to meet Russian representatives, interrupting tour guides, slurring his speech and returning to his hotel room in the early morning hours, the report said.

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