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US activists rally against Okinawa base plan

Published on Jan 30, 2014 4:18 AM

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Prominent US liberal activists on Wednesday pledged solidarity with Okinawa residents opposed to a US military base, despite efforts by Japan and the United States to finalize a relocation plan.

More than 100 scholars and activists including the filmmakers Oliver Stone and Michael Moore signed a joint statement opposed to construction of a US Marine base in Nago, a quiet town on the east coast of the subtropical Japanese island, to replace the aging and unpopular Futenma Air Station.

"Not unlike the 20th century US civil rights struggle, Okinawans have non-violently pressed for the end to their military colonization," the statement said.

"We support the people of Okinawa in their non-violent struggle for peace, dignity, human rights and protection of the environment," it said.

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