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Spain press dismisses ETA disarmament 'farce'

Published on Feb 22, 2014 5:50 PM

MADRID (AFP) - Spanish newspapers on Saturday dismissed moves by Basque separatist group ETA to start handing over weapons as insignificant, with leading conservative dailies branding it a "farce" and demanding the movement disband.

International monitors on Friday said that a video of ETA members presenting a cache of guns and explosives was a step towards the full disarmament of western Europe's last major violent separatist movement.

The photograph of the two black-masked ETA members behind their table-full of weapons made the front page of most of Spain's main daily newspapers on Saturday.

But the papers said surrendering the cache - including just four guns and 16 kg of explosives, according to an inventory released by monitors - was a ludicrously small gesture by a group blamed for killing more than 800 people.

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