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Snowden won't return to US without amnesty, says legal adviser

Published on Jan 27, 2014 6:36 AM

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) - Edward Snowden would be willing to enter talks with United States (US) Attorney General Eric Holder to negotiate his return to the US but not without a guarantee of amnesty, his legal adviser said on Sunday.

Ms Jesselyn Radack said she was glad Mr Holder indicated last week he would talk to lawyers for the former US spy agency contractor to negotiate his return from Moscow, but that Snowden would need better protection.

"It's a little disheartening that he (Holder) seemed to take clemency and amnesty off the table, which are two of the negotiating points," said Ms Radack, who was interviewed via satellite from Moscow by NBC's Meet the Press.

"But again, none of us have been contacted yet about restarting negotiations," the legal adviser said.

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