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Sea turned red after Australian shark attack, says rescuer

Published on Mar 24, 2014 10:43 AM

SYDNEY (AFP) - A man who dived into the sea to rescue a woman from a shark attack said Monday "reality hit" when he saw the water turn red, as he was honoured for his bravery.

Rowan Cutbush was on a boat at Jimmys Beach near Port Stephens, about 150km north of Sydney, in March 2011 when a friend he was towing fell off her wakeboard - similar to a waterski - into the water.

As she began swimming back to her board she was attacked by a shark, leaving her with deep cuts to her arm and neck.

Cutbush and another friend sped their vessel back to pick up the woman, and when they got close enough he dived in and swam about 20m to reach her in "the bloodied water", his bravery citation read.

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