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Romney's math doesn't add up, US president Obama says

Published on Sep 10, 2012 3:03 PM
US President Barack Obama speaks at a campaign event at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in Florida Sept 9, 2012. -- PHOTO: REUTERS

WASHINGTON (AFP) - President Barack Obama mocked Mitt Romney's "two plus one equals five" economics, poking his Republican foe as he wrapped up his two-day trip across Florida in a bid to woo undecided voters.

Mr Romney and his Republican running mate Paul Ryan meanwhile struggled to explain the accounting in their taxation plans, with fiscal policy and slow job creation taking centre stage in the White House race. In Florida, Mr Obama courted retirees by lambasting Mr Romney's plans to reform the Medicare health care system for the elderly.

He also picked apart interviews in which the two Republicans declined to name any of the tax loopholes they plan to close to make their promise to cut taxes, while also trimming the deficit, add up. "I guess my opponent has a plan but there is one thing missing from it - arithmetic!" Mr Obama said.

"It was like two plus one equals five. They couldn't answer questions about how they'd pay for US$5 trillion in new tax cuts and US$2 trillion in new defence spending without raising taxes on the middle class. "That's not bold leadership - that's bad math. That gets a failing grade," said Mr Obama, who had warned in an earlier interview with CBS News that the rich would have to pay more in taxes to alleviate the burden of the middle class.

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