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Protesters blow whistles against New York police

Published on Sep 14, 2012 7:51 AM

NEW YORK (AFP) - New Yorkers blew whistles on Thursday in protests against the police department's controversial stop-and-frisk policy aimed at getting guns off the streets.

At small protests in Harlem, Manhattan and other corners of the city dozens of people blew on whistles handed out by organisers to show their opposition to what they said amounts to police abuse.

Ms Melanie Craney, with Stop Mass Incarceration, which organised the protests, said she hoped people would keep their whistles and blow on them every time they witness officers carrying out a search in their neighborhoods.

"The idea is that people carry the whistles with them and use it when they see a stop and frisk," she said at a rally attended by about 50 people in Union Square. "We're going to whistle to create awareness in the community."

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