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Mexican castaway 'getting better' after months adrift in Pacific

Published on Feb 1, 2014 12:20 PM

MAJURO, Marshall Islands (AFP) - A Mexican man who claims to have survived 16 months adrift on the Pacific was on Saturday regaining strength on a remote Marshall Islands atoll as a navy ship was sent to pick him up.

The emaciated castaway, who identified himself as Mr Jose Ivan when he washed up on Ebon Atoll on Thursday, told his rescuers he set sail from Mexico for El Salvador in September 2012 and has been floating on the ocean ever since.

"We've been feeding him nutritious island food and he's getting better," Ebon Mayor Ione de Brum told AFP in a phone interview from the southernmost cluster of coral islands in the Marshalls.

"He has pain in both knees so he cannot stand up by himself. Otherwise, he's OK."

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