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'Lost' Big Mango found in Australia; 'theft' turns out to be publicity stunt

Published on Feb 25, 2014 1:16 PM
This undated picture released by the the Bowen Tourism Center shows a man standing next to a 10m and seven-tonne mango monument in the statue's hometown of Bowen, in Queensland.  -- FILE PHOTO: AFP

SYDNEY (AFP) - The "theft" of a three-storey, seven-tonne mango statue in northern Australia was revealed on Tuesday to be an elaborate publicity stunt by a fast-food chain.

Monday's disappearance of the Big Mango, a towering fibreglass likeness of the fruit which is abundant in its hometown of Bowen, made international headlines and a Facebook page was set up to help find it.

But a chicken restaurant chain has said it was responsible for "borrowing" the tourist attraction.

"The disappearance of Bowen's Big Mango has generated quite a lot of attention over the last day or so, and we confess Nando's was behind moving the three storey high, ten tonne tourist attraction," it said on its website.

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