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Lone children paint terrifying picture of Central Africa violence

Published on Dec 16, 2013 1:10 AM

BANGUI, Central African Republic (AFP) - It's hard to single them out from the noisy crowd in a makeshift camp housing thousands of people displaced by deadly violence in the Central African capital.

They're children, all alone, traumatised by the massacres they witnessed in Bangui, days after a wave of sectarian violence came to a head in the capital, prompting France to deploy 1,600 troops to assist an African peacekeeping force already on the ground.

"The children say that the armed men come into the house", says Unicef worker Eloge Lusambya at the Don Bosco camp who has the delicate task of talking to kids left scared and in desperate situations.

"They force their daddy to go out, they shoot. Mummy tries to escape, they shoot. The children stay hunkered down at home."

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