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Israeli court rules library to get papers belonging to author Kafka

Published on Oct 14, 2012 5:21 PM

TEL AVIV - An Israeli court has ruled that a cache of Franz Kafka's letters, sketches and other personal belongings do not belong to the daughters of his executor Max Brod's secretary and will be preserved in the National Library, Bloomberg reported on Sunday.

"The National Library of Israel welcomes the decision that unequivocally says that the Kafka papers and those by other authors are part of the Max Brod estate and do not belong to the Hoffe family," National Library director Oren Weinberg said in an e-mailed statement quoted by Bloomberg.

The contents of the cache have not been published. Ms Kathi Diamant, director of the Kafka Project at San Diego Syate University, has said papers that may be part of the collection may help scholars locate some Kafka notebooks that the Gestapo confiscated from the author's companion, Dora Diamant, Bloomberg said.

The dispute over the papers began with Mr Brod, a German-language author best known for his Kafka biography and historical novels. Though Kafka's last wish was for his papers to be burned, Mr Brod kept them, ensuring the publication of The Trial and The Castle. When Mr Brod died in 1968, he left some of the papers to his secretary, Esther Hoffe.

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