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Gunman kills 3 people, injures 2 in Swiss village

Published on Jan 4, 2013 12:50 AM

GENEVA - A shooting in southern Switzerland left three women dead and two men wounded, police said Thursday - a case that highlighted the ease of access to firearms in gun-loving nations.

The shooting - which came on the eve of students' return to classes in Newtown, Massachusetts, after a horrific school shooting - also raised questions about why a troubled suspect went on a rampage with an old military rifle.

Authorities in the Swiss canton (state) of Valais say the suspect, a man in his early thirties who was living on a disability pension, fired about 20 shots Wednesday night in the village of Daillon.

Armed with a Swiss military rifle and a handgun, the man then threatened to shoot the elite troops that were sent in, police said.

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