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Fresh protests in Egypt as Morsi, opposition dig in

Published on Dec 7, 2012 11:15 PM

CAIRO (AFP) - Thousands of protesters converged on the presidential palace in Cairo on Friday in a fresh bid to convince President Mohamed Morsi to give up what they see as dictatorial powers, and to postpone a referendum on a controversial new constitution.

While the marchers gathered peacefully, with the crowds shouting "We want to see the fall of the regime," there were fears the scene could turn violent if Mr Morsi supporters turned out in strength for a counter-demonstration, as they did earlier this week.

On Wednesday, seven people died and more than 600 people were hurt in bloody clashes between the duelling camps.

The army on Thursday ordered the square in front of the presidential palace cleared. Troops deployed tanks and set up barbed-wire barricades blocking access.

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