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France's Villepin 'earned 100,000 euros for day's work': report

Published on Mar 12, 2014 8:40 AM

LONDON (AFP) - France's Socialist government allowed conservative ex-prime minster Dominique de Villepin to return for one day's work in order to qualify for a 100,000-euro (175,660) retirement windfall, Britain's Daily Telegraph reported on Tuesday.

Sources at the French foreign ministry told the paper that the charismatic former minister returned to the diplomatic service - which he left in 1993 - in September in order to receive the pay-off, equivalent to US$138,500.

The British paper said it was unclear exactly what entitled Villepin to the payment and that "the exact details are shrouded in a French bureaucratic device called the 'career termination mechanism'."

The sources added that the move was likely approved by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

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