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Farmers march pigs to Rome in protest over 'fake salami'

Published on Dec 5, 2013 9:34 PM

ROME (Reuters) - Italian farmers paraded small, pink pigs in protest outside Parliament on Thursday, declaring they were being driven to ruin by hams and salami sold as 'Made in Italy' but produced largely elsewhere.

The agriculture sector has long been in decline in the euro zone's third-largest economy and farmers say it is undermined by counterfeit products and low quality foreign food that is merely processed in Italy.

The farmers urged passers-by to "adopt" one of the pigs, which lay contentedly in straw-filled sties surrounded by crowds of protesting farmers dressed in the vibrant yellow of Italy's biggest agriculture group Coldiretti.

"We have nothing left, everything's destroyed. Houses abandoned, land abandoned, everything's been left to ruin," said Mr Vittorio Mauri, a farmer from the countryside outside Rome who said he could no longer afford to work his land.

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