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Dubai cafe "camel-ccino" new take on Bedouin staple

Published on Oct 22, 2012 8:12 PM

DUBAI (REUTERS) - A Dubai cafe, trying to give a modern twist to an old Bedouin tradition, has started putting camel products on its menu.

Cafe2Go, launched in September last year by an Emirati entrepreneur as part of a scheme to revive Bedouin traditions, now features camel-lattes, camel-ccinos and camel-meat fajitas.

Earlier this month, he launched Camellos - a brand name for his products derived from the Spanish word for camel.

"Camel milk has been around for centuries and I wanted our younger generation to start drinking it again," Mr Jassim Al Bastaki, the cafe owner, said. "From here came the idea of mixing it with modern drinks."

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