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David Cameron's serious 'selfie' mocked on Twitter

Published on Mar 7, 2014 1:09 PM

A serious phone "selfie" posted by British Prime Minister David Cameron on Twitter has turned into a source of ridicule online.

Celebrities have taken turns to lampoon his serious-looking pose in the photo he tweeted on March 6 showing him speaking on the phone with US President Barack Obama.



The photo, captioned "I've been speaking to @BarackObama about the situation in Ukraine. We are united in condemnation of Russia's actions.", was taken as the two leaders were discussing the Ukraine crisis and the movement of Russian troops into Crimea, The Guardian reported.

Twitter users soon began to make fun of Mr Cameron's solemn expression in the photo.

Actor Patrick Stewart posted a picture of himself holding a tub of wet tissues to his ear, saying: "I'm now patched in as well. Sorry for the delay." 

US comic Rob Delaney also joined in the fray. He tweeted a photo showing him holding up a tube of toothpaste and wrote: "Hi guys, I'm on the line now too. Get me up to speed."


Other celebrities and Twitter users got into the act too, with some posting photos of themselves holding objects such as fruits, pets and toys to their ears.

It is not the first time the British PM has drawn backlash with a selfie. In 2013, he posed for a controversial photo with Mr Obama and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt at the memorial service for Mr Nelson Mandela in South Africa, which some felt was inappropriate for the occasion.