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Crimea's attorney-general captures hearts of Japanese fans

Published on Mar 20, 2014 3:13 PM

Many netizens in Japan are obviously watching the news and keeping up to date with developments between Ukraine and Russia. In fact, they may be watching so closely that they managed to spot a jewel amid the constantly developing news from the Crimean peninsula: Attorney-General Natalia Poklonskaya.

A video of a press conference the attractive 33-year-old Crimean official held, where she reportedly engaged her detractors with some "tough talk", has gone viral since being reposted to a Japanese YouTube channel on March 13, according to

The website, which is mostly about gaming and Japanese culture, said: "Her press conference wasn't subtitled in Japanese (or English, for that matter), leaving some online to concentrate on far more superficial things."


"Superficial" refers, apparently, to Ms Poklonskaya's pretty face and even her repeated blinks during the press conference, which seem to have grabbed the attention - and hearts - of numerous Japanese netizens.

A tweet that went viral, according to Kotaku, simply said "Crimea's New Attorney General oh oh oh...", and had a link to her press conference video. It was retweeted nearly 10,000 times.

Twitter was not the only avenue for fans to profess their admiration for the Crimean lawyer in the limelight. Some have been drawn to illustrate their new-found love.

"Where there's love-struck Japanese men pondering the ideal forms of female beauty, anime artwork can't be far behind, and there's a growing batch of Poklonskaya fan art making the rounds on the Internet," reported

Here are a few of the fan art online: