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Call us Mexico, not 'United States of Mexico': President

Published on Nov 23, 2012 7:19 AM

MEXICO CITY (AFP) - President Felipe Calderon has one last wish before he leaves office next week: Please change the country's name from "United States of Mexico" to just "Mexico".

The country has officially been named the United States of Mexico since 1824, but Mr Calderon said on Thursday it was time for the country to sound less like its powerful northern neighbor.

The conservative leader, who leaves office on Dec 1, sent a proposal to Congress to officially change the country's name to simply Mexico, dubbing it a "matter of great importance".

"It is time for Mexicans to take back the beauty and simplicity of our fatherland's name: Mexico. A name we chant, we sing, that makes us happy and fills us with pride," he said, at the Los Pinos presidential palace.

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