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British PM Cameron urges Scots not to break up nation

Published on Feb 10, 2013 11:10 AM

LONDON (AFP) - British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday urged Scotland to avoid breaking the nation apart, saying that it had the best of both worlds as things are.

In his latest attempt to convince Scots ahead of a referendum on independence next year, Mr Cameron said splitting the more than 300-year-old union of the two nations would leave them "poorer apart." "Put simply: Britain works. Britain works well. Why break it?" he said in comments released ahead of the publication on Monday of a British government analysis of Scotland's role in the United Kingdom.

Mr Cameron played down arguments that Scotland would not prosper as an independent country, saying "I have no time for those who say there is no way Scotland could go it alone.

"I know first-hand the contribution Scotland and Scots make to Britain's success - so for me there's no question about whether Scotland could be an independent nation.

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