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Britain warns Putin after 'Kalashnikov referendum' in Crimea

Published on Mar 21, 2014 9:44 PM

BRUSSELS (REUTERS) - British Prime Minister David Cameron warned the Kremlin on Friday that Russia would face far reaching consequences if it sent troops into Ukraine after a referendum in Crimea which he said has been carried out under the barrel of a Kalashnikov.

"Since we last met a sham and illegal referendum has taken place at the barrel of a Kalashnikov and Russia has sought to annex Crimea. This is a flagrant breach of international law and something we will not recognise," Cameron said.

"The best rebuke to Russia is a strong and successful Ukraine," Cameron said, adding that if Russian troops went into eastern Ukraine then the Kremlin would face "far-reaching consequences in a broad range of economic areas." When asked whether Roman Abramovich and other Russian tycoons should face sanctions, Cameron said: "We certainly haven't ruled anyone out from this approach." "You need to target people who have a direct relationship with the action that's been taken," he said.

Cameron said Russia is more dependent on Europe than Europe is on Russia.

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