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US study finds pesticide may raise risk of Alzheimer's

Published on Jan 28, 2014 6:41 AM

WASHINGTON (AFP) - People with Alzheimer's disease may have higher levels of a chemical left behind by the pesticide DDT than healthy elderly people, suggested a United States (US) study out on Monday.

The pesticide, DDT, was phased out in the US in 1972, but is still used elsewhere in the world and global health authorities consider it an important tool against malaria.

Researchers found DDE, the long-lasting metabolite of DDT, was nearly four times higher in Alzheimer's patients than in peers without the disease.

Having high DDE levels was also found to increase someone's risk of Alzheimer's fourfold, according to the study which compared 86 Alzheimer's patients to 79 people of advanced age.

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