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Rare find backs shape-shifting neutrino: Scientists

Published on Mar 28, 2013 6:12 AM

ROME (AFP) - Physicists announced further proof on Wednesday for a theory that mysterious particles called neutrinos which go "missing" on the journey from the Sun to Earth are in fact shape-shifting along the way, arriving undetected.

The evidence: a muon-type neutrino dispatched from the CERN research laboratory near Geneva had arrived as a tau neutrino at the INFN Gran Sasso Laboratory in Italy, 730km away, they said in a statement.

It is only the third time that the mutation has been observed by the Opera experiment, an international project launched in 2001 specifically to detect the bizarre change.

"Its observation confirms something scientists have been studying for more than 40 years: the fact that neutrinos induced by cosmic rays impinging on the Earth atmosphere arrive far fewer than expected," said the statement.

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