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Olympics: Sochi problems Twitter accounts outnumber Games followers

Published on Feb 19, 2014 6:24 AM

SOCHI, Russia (REUTERS) - Winter Olympics organisers on Tuesday trumpeted their social media reach, outclassing the 2010 figures after two days, but they still trail an account registering problems at Sochi by tens of thousands of followers.

Russia's first Winter Olympics struggled with some teething problems and a dedicated Twitter account registering the hiccups quickly racked up followers.

#SochiProblems currently has 340,000 followers compared to 263,000 for the English-speaking @Sochi2014 official Twitter account. There were a further 171,000 followers for the Russian language account.

The Games were initially struggling with still incomplete hotel rooms that left some athletes and visitors fuming, while a round-up of stray dogs also set the internet alight.

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